Digital alarm clock with wireless charger – Alarm clock with Wake Up Light – Qi technology (HCG019QI -B)

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Charge your smartphone, light up your room and wake up rested with the Caliber Digital alarm clock with wireless charger . The Qi technology ensures that the alarm clock charges wirelessly and quickly your phone. The digital alarm clock is also equipped with a snooze function , so that you can turn around again in the morning. The large white display with dim function ensures that you can always read the time easily. Use the night light in the evening in different colors to create the desired atmosphere.


  • Wireless telephone charger
  • Large white display
  • 2 alarm times Dimmable Display
  • Night light in various colors
  • Wake up light
  • Back-up battery
  • Color: black

Note: no FM function

Get up with a full battery

Nothing is as annoying as waking up with an empty phone. That is why you can also use this alarm clock to charge your phone. The digital alarm clock is equipped with the smart Qi technology. With this you charge the phone wirelessly. You simply place your smartphone on top of the alarm clock, and it starts charging immediately! Please note that your phone must support Qi technology to use this charger function. Even if this is not the case, you can charge your phone with this digital alarm clock. This is possible via the USB port at the rear.

Equipped your bed

Do you regularly have trouble getting out with your bed in the morning? Then a Wake Up Light can ensure that you wake up rested in the morning. The Wake Up Light on the Caliber alarm clock is getting brighter for the alarm time and mimics the sunrise. This gives your body signals in a natural way that it is time to wake up. This way you wake up a lot happier with the help of this digital alarm clock! Still just staying down? Then use the Snoozef function for an extra half hour or fifteen minutes in bed. Note: this alarm clock has no FM function and wakes you up with a buzzer sound. You can set no fewer than two alarm times, so that both you and your partner can be woken up at your own time by this smart alarm clock.

Extra atmosphere in the bedroom

The caliber alarm clock is also equipped with a night light that you can set in different colors. For example, choose warm yellow light, or create an exciting atmosphere with red or purple light.

Weight 370 g



2 Years



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Analoog of digitaal


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Alarm clock

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Nightlight, Screen Dimmable, USB charging (5V), Wireless charging (Qi)

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