Heating – Electric heater – Oil-filled radiator – 1500 watts (HOR301)

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The Blaupunkt HOR301 oil-filled radiator will help you through the winter. Thanks to 7 fins and three oil channels, rooms are heated in no time. This radiator heater has a maximum power of 1500W and 3 different heat settings. Choose the desired heat yourself via the thermostat knob. The heater has several built-in safety options, such as safety switches and overheating protection. Thanks to the widely placed wheels and carrying handles, the oil radiator is mobile and easy to move.


  • 1500 watt power
  • Suitable for rooms up to 14m2
  • 3 heat settings
  • 7 slats
  • 3 oil channels
  • Safety switch in case of tipping over
  • Overheat protection
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • With carrying handles and cable reel
  • Suitable for bathroom

Save on your gas bill

For many people, the gas bill is unaffordable these days. An oil-filled radiator is therefore the ideal solution for people who want to save on the monthly bill. This heating works on electricity and is very economical in use. The oil in the heater heats up quickly and also radiates heat for a long time. You will also not be bothered by annoying noises, since the oil radiator is completely silent in use. The radiator effortlessly heats rooms up to 14m2.

Safe and easy to use

Safety is paramount when designing this oil-filled radiator. For example, the oil radiator with thermostat is equipped with a safety switch should the radiator tip over. In addition, the heater also has built-in overheating protection, so that the power is automatically switched off when the oil heater overheats. Thanks to the built-in wheels and handles, the oil-filled radiator is mobile and can be moved safely from room to room.

How much will you save?

Thanks to the oil-filled radiator, you can lower the heating in the house by about 2 degrees. In the winter season you save about 240m3 of gas. With average use of the radiator you save up to €845 in a winter season! If you have solar panels on the roof, this amount can rise to €1,080.

Weight 6715 g



2 Years

Garantie Type

Carry-in warranty

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