Car Speaker Set – 2 Build -mounted Auto Speakers – 80 Watt Maximum – Suitable for structure (CSB1)

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Let the perfect sound sound through your car with this Caliber CSB1 car speaker set. These structure speakers are made to put on the parcel shelf of your car or in your van, for example. Or mount the speakers in your boat or garden shed and enjoy your favorite tunes. You can install the car speaker set in different places. With a power from 40 to 80 Watt , you can produce a solid volume through the two speakers . Thanks to the woofer and tweeter you can enjoy a deep and clear sound .


  • Two -piece car speaker set
  • 2 road speakers
  • Clear and deep sound
  • Suitable for installing
  • 40W RMS Power
  • 80W Max Power
  • Ideal for vans, boats and trucks
  • Suitable for Hatplank Assemage

Construction in where you want < /H3>

Whether you want to replace the speakers in your car doors or mount a speaker set on your hat board: these small car speakers are your new friend. However, the possibilities extend further than your car or van. How about clear tones at the campsite, on the water or in your garden? These build -up speakers are also suitable for installing in your caravan, boat or shed. Where are you going to improve the sound?

Perfect sound

Thanks to the Two-Way sound system of this speaker set, high sound quality is realized. This way you can enjoy a clear and deep sound along the way. Whether you play pop, rock, classical music, hardstyle or instrumental music: all the tones of the music clearly come to the fore with these two build -up speakers in your car, boat or truck.

Multifunctional usable

This speaker set is versatile and can easily be mounted in different places. Take into account the size of these boxes (smaller than 10 cm) and you can build them in your car in an instant. With the high -quality sound system of the car speakers, the music tones – from bass to singing – always sound beautiful through the space.

Weight 1585 g



2 Years

Product type

Surface mounted loudspeaker

Garantie Type

Carry-in warranty





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