Digital alarm clock with snooze function – Dual alarm clock – Large red display – sleek design (HCG006)

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Make sure you are on time next to your bed with this Caliber HCG006 digital alarm clock with red numbers every day. The red light of the display ensures, unlike blue light, that you fall asleep more easily . Is the light of the alarm clock too bright? Then you can easily make the screen less bright with the dim function . You can set two alarm times on the alarm at the same time , so that you and your partner can use the alarm clock together. This way you have extra space left for other things on the bedside table.


  • Large red display
  • 2 alarm times Dimmable < Li> can be used with mains power and battery
  • Back-up battery
  • Tight rectangular design

Note: No radio function

< H3> Dual alarm set

Do you share your bedroom with your partner and do you get up at other times in the morning? Then use the Caliber alarm clock to set two alarm times. This way you can get up when the first wake up, and your partner can stay for a while until the second alarm sounds. For both alarms you can use the snooze function. That way you can safely turn around without the risk of sleeping.

Sleep better with red light

It is known that blue light has a negative effect on our night's sleep. This color light ensures that we fall asleep much more difficult. To prevent that, this alarm clock uses red light. Researchers found that exposure to red light contributes to falling asleep. To further improve your night's rest, you can also dim the brightness of the red display in two steps.

Never sleep again

You can use the digital alarm clock on mains and on two AAA batteries (not included). For the times that the power drops out, or when your socket is in an awkward place, you can use the backup battery. Wherever you are, your alarm clock always works digitally. So you will never be too late on important agreements!

Weight 0.355 g



2 Years



USB poort
Product type
Garantie Type

Carry-in warranty

Analoog of digitaal


Inclusief CD speler
Werkt op batterijen




Type wekker

Alarm clock

Audio output
Wekker opties


Type bediening

Buttons, Buttons with display


Screen Dimmable

Ondersteunde audio formaten
Netto gewicht (gr)
Hoogte product (mm)
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