Digital alarm clock with dual alarm – Dual alarm clock – Large red display – Dimmable brightness (HCG010)

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This caliber digital alarm clock with dual alarm is a good choice for heavy sleepers. With 2 alarm times and a buzzer with decent volume it is difficult to sleep. Of course you can postpone the real error with the snooze function . Thanks to the dimmable brightness and the big red numbers on the display you only wake up when that is the intention. In addition, this digital alarm clock works on net current and batteries . This way you can create a backup so that your alarms will always go off when the power fails.


  • Large red display
  • Dimmable brightness
  • 2 alarm times works on mains power and 2 AAA batteries
  • Batteries are backup (not included)
  • Clear buzzer as an alarm

Note: No radio function

Effective and functional

The caliber digital alarm clock is guaranteed to get from your deep sleep. The buzzer sound has a decent volume, so you will definitely wake up. In addition, you can set no less than two alarm times at the same time. Are you not waking up in the morning? Then you can set two alarms with this alarm clock shortly after each other. The dual alarm is also ideal to use the alarm clock together with your partner when you get up at different times. Use the snooze function to stretch the time without sleeping immediately.

Fast asleep

Research from the Dutch Brain Institute shows that red light helps fall asleep. The large red display of this Caliber alarm clock is therefore ideal. The red numbers give subtle light and make time clearly visible in the entire room. The digital alarm clock display is also dimmable. This way you can choose from two different brightnesses. A too bright screen that you wake up in the evening is therefore a thing of the past!

With and without socket

This caliber alarm clock works on mains power and on two AAA batteries (which are not included). It is smart to put these batteries in the alarm as standard. This is how you create a backup in case the power unexpectedly fails. With the batteries you can always continue to trust that your set alarms will go off and you will not sleep.

Weight 415 g



2 Years



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Alarm clock

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Sleeptimer, Snooze

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