Socket with USB distribution plug – Spanning protection – 2 USB ports (HPS1202U)

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Create more power points in an instant with this caliber HPS1202U socket with USB. The 220 V distribution plug is equipped with two sockets that are 45 degrees twisted , so that you can easily put the plugs in. In addition, you will find two USB ports in the plug block. This way you can easily charge your phone without a coupling piece. Thanks to the overload and surge protection you can safely use the socket. Because of the child protection you can also safely leave the distribution plug when there are children in the house.


  • 2x 45 degrees twisted socket (220 V)
  • 2x USB connection (2.4a )
  • Rotable
  • Overload protection
  • Overflow protection
  • Spanning protection
  • Child protection
  • Suitable for max. 3680 Watt
  • max 16A per socket
  • grounded and fireproof cover
  • Ul>

    Enough capacity

    Smartphones, tablets, laptops, boxes, headphones and wireless ears: we nowadays use endless electronic and smart devices, all of which have to be charged every now and then. As a result, the sockets in the house are increasingly full. Instead of looking for that one socket far away in the corner, you can also use a handy distribution plug. This socket with USB connections transforms one socket into four power points with sufficient power. So you suddenly have a lot more loading capacity for all your devices in the same place!

    Handy design

    The two sockets on the Power Strip have been rotated 45 degrees, making it easy to plug your plugs. When the upper socket is in use, you can also go well with the lower socket of the socket. At the top of the distribution plug, two USB ports are available next to each other, so that the plug block keeps a compact size.

    Safe use

    The double socket is grounded and has a refractory housing. In addition, there are various protections built in, so that you can use the socket with USB carefree. The socket Splitter is equipped with overload protection, overflow protection and surge protection. This way you can use all four power points safely at the same time. Thanks to the child protection you don't have to pay attention to the place of the socket when there are kids in the house.

Weight 195 g


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Socket with USB

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Carry-in warranty

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Input Voltage


Ouput Voltage

230V, 5V

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